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\/ w4rri0r \/ internationally recognized as a Security Researcher or White-Hat Hacker and Hall of Fame by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AppleRedHat, AT&T, Adobe, PayPal, Yandex, eBay, Deutsche TelekomBarracuda Networks, Nokia Siemens Network, Tuenti, Opera, BlackBerry, Nokia, SpotifyZynga, Netflix, iFixit, Basecamp, SoundCloudConstant Contact, Xmarks, LaunchKey, Zendesk and we are currently building \/ w4rri0r group \/ and inviting to join worldwide Security Researchers and Professionals. If you think you can contribute anything for \/ w4rri0r group \/ you are heartily invited and we'll give credit for your contribution and is greatly appreciated. [Launching soon]

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Athcon Security Conferences

AthCon is an annual, European two-day conference targeting particular areas of information security. It’s aim: to bring leading information security experts together. Attacking techniques of exploitation and various forms of penetration testing have become an important component of any organisation. This conference aims to provide a venue for understanding the ever evolving changes as well as new threats.

AthCon 2012 was completed with great success and significant media exposure. Information from the media coverage and moments from AthCon 2012 can be found in the press area. AthCon 2013 comes with new exciting events. This year, another challenge will be available for all those who want to test their skills and gain a free ticket for AthCon 2013. The Challenge will be from the area of Reverse Engineering. Winner, whoever solves them first and submits a well documented report of the solution. A free pass for AthCon 2013 will be the prize for the winner of each challenge.

Who is behind AthCon 

AthCon is the brainchild of two noted security professionals; Kyprianos Vasilopoulos and Christian Papathanasiou. Kyprianos is a Information Security consultant for Trustwave Spiderlabs. SpiderLabs is the advanced security team at Trustwave responsible for incident response, penetration testing and application security tests for Trustwave’s clients.

Kyprianos has 13 years of experience within the IT Security sector. He possesses a BSc from Manchester Metropolitan University in Electronic Engineering. Kyprianos was the lead penetration tester for three olympics events(Athens 2004, Torino 2006 and Beijing 2008). He is Offensive Security OSCP certified. Kyprianos's IT security insight is frequently called upon by leading Greek media.

Christian works as a Senior Application Security Architect for Citigroup Global Markets based in London. Previously he was managing the global on-going assurance penetration testing programme for Royal Bank of Scotland.

Christian has consulted internationally in the space/defense/commercial and financial sectors in all matters relating to Information Security.

Christian's research is particularly aligned with mobile, rootkits and application security and has been featured by many news organizations including:Forbes, Reuters, Slashdot, Tech Herald, Computerworld, ZDNet, CSO Magazine, Dark Reading, Threatpost, CNET and eWeek.

Christian has presented to public audiences at thought-leading conferences such as Black Hat and DEF CON including a keynote at OWASP AppSec Research 2012 and private audiences such as the Met Police and FBI. He is the co-creator of AthCon -the first and foremost technical IT Security conference in Athens, Greece 

For OWASP, Christian is a member of the Global Industry Advisory Board, a contributor to the OWASP Mobile Security project and a contributing author of the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Controls/European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA) Smartphone Secure Development Guidelines for App Developers. 

Christian graduated from the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway with a MSc with Distinction in Information Security where he pioneered Linux kernel networking techniques to achieve multi GB/s layer 7 threat detection within Intrusion Protection Systems.

Christian holds a CISSP and passed the CISM exam. In a previous life Christian also read Chemical Engineering and graduated with a MEng(Hons) in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis on Nuclear fuel re-processing from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and spent a brief stint as a site engineer contracted to QAPCO in Mesaieed Qatar.


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w4rri0r - Hacking Is Not A Crime - It's an art of Awareness

\/ w4rri0r - Hacking Is Not A Crime - It's an art of Awareness \/ -  w4rri0r work in the dark, w4rri0r do what w4rri0r can, w4rri0r give what w4rri0r have, w4rri0r doubt is w4rri0r passion and w4rri0r passion is w4rri0r task. The rest is the madness of art \/ w4rri0r \/ 

\/ \/ are the great resource for information security professionals and researcher. \/ w4rri0r \/ offers a extensive variation of information security services that include SECURITY EXPLOITS (Bug or Vulnerability), SECURITY ADVISORIES (Security Alerts), SECURITY RESEARCHER TOOLBOX (Freeware, Shareware & Open-Source), SHELLCODE (Attacker Controller - Chunk of Data), SECURITY TRAINING (Educational Purpose), SECURITY NEWS (Security Recent or Important Events) and with this group you can be assured that you’re in the right hands. \/ w4rri0r gr0up \/  efforts being endorsed and appreciated by administrators, security researchers and members of various underground hacking groups and communities worldwide.

\/ w4rri0r mission \/ are to make the information systems more secure, more aware, more reliable and protect against possible security breaches.